Shooting A Piece On Hot Chicken

I had the honor to work as a cinematographer for the incredibly talented and dedicated documentary director Katie Galloway, whose newest project The Return (find it on Netflix) examines the path of formerly incarcerated people back to the society upon leaving the prison system. In order to add to the dialogue on the topic, Katie is making a series of short films profiling businesses that proudly hire returning citizens. As the first in the series, we went to Columbus, Ohio to film with a social entrepreneur Joe DeLoss at his grilled chicken place Hot Chicken Takeover. More on the project coming soon.

Shooting a Video about Shaky the Robot

Recently, Computer History Museum and Science Research Institute (SRI) celebrated the 50th anniversary of Shakey the robot. Completed in 1972, Shakey is known as the forefather of technologies, such as self driving cars and Siri. Shooting the video to celebrate this milestone in the history of computing, I was humbled to learn about the co-workings of Shakey's engineering team and even meet a number of its original members. Please feel free to check out the piece here:

San Quentin Prison Report

I had the pleasure to work as a sound recordist with the talented cinematographer Antonio Cisneros for Rava Films, a NYC-based production company. As a two-person crew we shot a segment about the San Quentin podcast project, San Quentin Prison Report. The podcasts are uniquely researched, produced and edited by the inmates with the help of the artist Nigel Poor. We were following Nigel around on the prison's premises and documented her time with a group of dedicated reporters who where pitching their new stories.


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